Mailbox Maintenance and Parts

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Mailbox Maintenance Service

We have two options for someone to provide mailbox maintenance for anyone who does not wish to do the work themselves. Both will get the proper decals, any parts (if needed), and use the proper paint colors as prescribed by the ACC guidelines, so you can be assured that your mailbox meets the accepted community standard. If you're interested, you can contact:
Don Gallion (community handyman) at 407-443-7572
or, Steven Barger (resident), at or 407-402-4327
Note: Although the service has been negotiated through the Association, any work to be done is a private contract that is scheduled and contracted between you, the homeowner, and Don or Steve. It is encumbent upon the you, the homeowner to insure that the work to be done falls within the negotiated 'standard scope of work' price, and does not require any additional services or parts that would add to the quoted price.

Parts and Decals

The following mailbox parts are available through the management office, if you'd rather do your mailbox yourself:

You can contact Shawn and she will drop off the parts the next time she is driving through the community. The cost for the parts can be paid with a check to 'Berington Club HOA'. The proper decals can also be bought at the ACE Hardware store on SR# 46 at International Parkway, near Lake Forest. They are kept behind the counter, so just ask the cashier for the 'Berington Club' mailbox stickers. The approved mailbox paint color is listed below under, Paint and Decal Specs.

Paint and Decal Specs

Or, if you'd rather do all of the work yourself and get the decals and paint on your own, these are the proper specifications: